Sunday, January 30, 2011

The latest on the Egyptian Crisis

In one of my last post on Egypt I said the situation there has reached the tipping point. I believe the events in Egypt over the last few days have proven that. There have been reports of the Egyptian army joining protesters in the streets with support not brutality. The protesters are a mix of all education levels and income levels.

The best news I believe is Egypt's Muslim Brother Hood is backing Nobel Peace laureate Mohamed ElBaradei . They want him to be the spoke person for all parties in Egypt during this transition period. I really believe that endorsement can be a very positive step for Egypt. The Muslim Brother Hood is known to be radical and for them to support ElBaradei is a sign of moderation.

Here is the latest on Egypt:

Wall Street Journal - Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Backs ElBaradei Role - Change is coming to Egypt: El-Baradei

Ny Times - Opposition Rallies to ElBaradei as Military Reinforces in Cairo

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  1. I will be praying for peace for those in Egypt. That a peaceful transition can be made, for the sake of its people and its future.