Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Dominoes are falling in the Middle East who's next ?

Hosni Mubarak has promised his fellow Egyptians that he will not seek re-election come this fall. Despite his live televised speech, the protesters have not relented in their demand for his resignation. In his speech Mubarak said that he wants to over see a " peaceful transfer of power " and do it " in a constitutional way ". The protesters are still demanding that President Mubarak step down immediately. President Obama spoke with Mubarak for 30 minutes about an orderly way to transition Egypt in the coming days and weeks.

In other breaking news The King of Jordan is trying to head off any problems in his country by firing his entire Government. King Abdullah the 2nd also appointed a new Prime Minister in an all out effort to save his ass. The King wrote in a letter that Jordan has been deprived of " Achievement and opportunity " because some leaders put their interest in front of the public. Maybe Jordan needs a new King; if he just realized this now.

Once again, in a earlier post I wrote if Egypt falls and Mubarak resigns it's going to be like falling dominoes in the middle east. Now the King of Jordan is scrambling to save his neck; then we have to watch out for the people of Libya to revolt.

Take a look at this Ny Times Link it's a great timeline of Key milestones in President Hosni Mubarak's career and life.

CNN - Jordan's king dismisses government, appoints new PM

The Christian Science Monitor - Egypt's Mubarak won't run again, but protesters look to speed his exit

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  1. I'm the most immediately concerned about Jordan, because my cousin is stationed there (she's a Marine).

    Taking the broader view, though, I'm the most concerned about Turkey. Attaturk's reforms are looking increasingly dated, and Turkey's population increasingly extremist. Too many years of being neither here nor there, the bastard stepchild of two cultures.